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Steps involved in Research Paper Writing

Research paper writing extends along a number of steps as outlined below;

Identification of a Research topic

Identifying a research topic is the most important stage in research paper writing. Research papers writing provides a detailed analysis of a topic. Thus, identifying a research topic serves as the first exercise in research paper writing. Whenever you have the autonomy to select a research topic, you should identify a niche or a topic that you have interest in (“What do I aspire to learn”). If you lack any idea on what you wish to improve knowledge on, you can adopt alternative strategies. Viable options include reviewing lectures and notes to identify topic ideas. Also, one can review existing literatures in their respective study discipline to identify arguments developed by other scholars and existing gaps that necessitate in-depth studies. This helps one to identify a topic and a viable research question. It is advisable to select topics within your major since you have some background knowledge on them.

However, it is not always that students have the autonomy to select topics of their interest. Tutors may give research topics and demand students to select from the given options. Contrary to the notion that you should select the one that appears simple, you should select the topic that is interesting to you. In this regard, select the topic that is debatable and you can comfortably take a position. In addition, to the fact that it aligns to your interest it offer you a chance to study the topic. Lastly, tutors may give one particular topic and ask student to write a research paper on the particular topic. First seek to understand the topic by conducting a preliminary review of related literature. Based on acquired information broaden your mind to identify viable research questions upon which you can develop your research paper.

Selection of reading sources

Based on your research question identify key reading sources from which you will craft the literature review section. Use key phrases of the research question to search for related sources in the library and online databases. Consequently, the review generates the basis of reasoning on how you seek to answer your research question. However, not all sources are relevant for a research paper. Students should select peer-reviewed journals and books as they are accredited sources for research paper writing.

Writing a Research Paper Outline

Prior to developing the actual research paper, one should first formulate an outline. The outline presents the organization plan upon which the research paper writing exercise will extend. It contain the key sections containing the structure of the paper. Owing to its essence in laying the blueprint for the structure of the research paper, there is need to dedicate efforts to its formulation. Based on the outline, scholars should proceed to develop a draft. The draft should be an expression of the practices factors to be featured under each section. In addition, it should conform to a logical ordering made up of paragraphs. The outlines offers the ability to undertake the various sections in bits starting with the introduction and the literature review. The completion of these two section gives the scholars insight on the most viable research methodology to utilize in research exercise.

Writing the Actual Research Paper

The final research paper is developed after the study has been conducted and results acquired. Accordingly, scholars have the information required to develop the results, discussion and conclusion sections.

How to Structure a Research Paper

Research papers should always conform to a research paper format. The format include six key sections abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, results and findings, analysis and discussion and conclusion.


The Abstract is a small section mostly 150-250 words. Under this section, scholars outline the purpose of the study, research questions and the findings obtained from the study. Also, the section features the conclusion made from the study.


The introduction of a research paper features three key factors;

Literature Review

This section provides a review of past studies on the topic of study. Consequently, students have the mandate to review several sources on their topic of study to identify what has been presented by other scholars in past studies. Based on the need to read and analyse sources, literature review is one of the most challenging sections in research paper writing. Additionally, students must make summarize and reference acquired information to avoid plagiarism. This further demands familiarity with various referencing format; APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago. However, students can outsource help from research paper writing help companies to overcome the challenges related with literature review writing.


As the word goes, methodology section outlines the design upon which the research develops. Consequently, scholars identify the techniques for data collection and data analysis outlining their suitability for the particular study.

Results and findings

Results section basically outlines the findings acquired from the study. Students often make a mistake of analysing the results as they present them. However, this should not the case as the analysis should be done in its own section.

Analysis and Discussion

This is the section where scholars analysed and interpret their observations. The analysis includes the development of charts, graphs and tables. Accordingly, the analysis must be followed by a discussion section illustrating the meaning of the finding to the research. The core aim of this section is to ensure that readers can understand key observations of the study without necessarily having to read the entire paper.


The conclusion is last part of a research paper. It presents a summary of the entire research paper presenting a brief review of every single section. While presenting the summary one should refrain from providing too much details. The conclusion also presents a concluding remark. This remark is the overall thought aligning with the research paper findings.

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Other aspect to consider in research paper writing

In the course of research paper writing, it is essential to ensure proper citation and summarization of borrowed ideas. This plays a key role in avoiding plagiarism. Also, one should proofread the final paper to ensure the presentation of a coherent and flawless research paper.

Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, research paper writing is a daunting task that demands significant effort to ensure quality delivery. Thus, it is also important to consider the adoption of research paper writing services to ensure quality delivery. We seek to offer help in research paper writing through experienced writers. Furthermore, we have a vision to facilitate academic excellence and ensure client satisfaction. Place an order with us to realize high grades in research projects.

Frequently Asked questions about research paper writing?

Must I do the draft, can’t I just do the research paper writing right away?

It is not mandatory to make a draft. However, it is very crucial as it helps identify key sections to be featured in a research paper and the manner which they should be tackled. Despite not being mandatory, it is advisable to use it.

How can I avoid plagiarism in research paper writing?

To avoid plagiarism, it is vital to paraphrase borrowed ideas and accompany paraphrased information with in text citation. Secondly, make sure to use quotation whenever using direct quotes from a source. Similarly, the quoted section should be accompanied by in text citation including the page number.