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Capstone writing are research-based projects that students undertake at the end of their learning period. These kind of projects are offered in high school and middle school. They assume a similar approach to college thesis and thus they tend to relatively culminating for the junior students to tackle. Under these projects students are mandated to select a topic upon which they conduct a research and craft a research paper. The research is normally extended over a period of time. However, not all students poses the capacity to undertake the daunting task and thus pay for capstone writing is a viable option to enhance good grades. Normally, capstone projects are set to nurture research and creative thinking skills among students. In this regard students are mandated to research a given topic connecting it with community issues.

Owing to emphasis on research, capstone writing might be an overwhelming task since it requires proper planning and relatively competent research skills to attain a high grade. As a result, students may lack the capacity to undertake them or may doubt their ability to attain high grades. This generates fear among students as they fear failure and cannot meet the demands required for a good grade. However, at research paper writing hub we have competent and qualified capstone project writers who have the capacity to undertake any research project. Whenever you need help with capstone writing just place an order with us. At research paper writing hub we offer the best capstone writing services characterized by original and quality delivery. 

Key steps in Capstone Writing

Capstone writing extends alongside a series of steps. Below I outline the various steps upon which are vital tips upon which students can ensure the development of quality capstone projects. Since capstone projects writing can be developed in any subject, the steps outlined below are a general approach that should be assumed in capstone writing.

Topic Selection

Selecting a research topic is the first step in capstone writing. Students often have two options in topic selection. In this regard, they can select a topic among several options offered by the instructor or they are offered to select a research topic entirely on their own without any particular restrictions. Whichever the scenario, students are always advised to select a topic that is interesting to them since it is easier to handle. In addition to interest, students should also analyze the scope of investigation within the selected topic. Topics with a narrow scope of investigation are not a good option since they have limited study resources which might impair the ability undertake a detailed review of the research topic.

Literature Review

After selecting the research topic, students are further tasked with the responsibility to review past literatures upon which they can identify existing study gaps. These gaps serve as the basis of formulating the basis of research development. In addition, literature review helps a researcher to identify relevant sources to use in the study. Despite the fact that most students visualize literature review as extra work it importance presents it as the most important exercise in capstone writing. Thus, students should ensure proper utilization of this step since it is the basis of developing the road map upon which research will extend.

Research Development

After identifying the basis of your research paper, develop an in-depth on the topic. Identify information that is relevant to your study since it will contribute to your knowledge on the selected topic. In the research process make sure to use credible sources more so peer-reviewed journal. The sources used in the research process serve as the references while presenting the research findings. As a result, it is advisable to use credible sources to limit the possibility of using sources that are not viable for academic research.

Writing a Capstone Project  

The last step involves the presentation of research findings. Here students develop essays presenting their arguments on the adopted research topic. When composing a capstone paper, student should ensure that the paper has flow. In this regard, ensure that arguments correlate and interlink with one another without creating an overlap at any given point. Also, capstone projects papers should follow a research paper format.

How to Structure a Capstone Paper

The final write up of a capstone project should contain various elements that organized in a strategic manner to ensure the flow of ideas. The format is as illustrated below.

Title Page

The title page should contain the title of the project, student details, instructor and the name of the institution.


Following the title page is the abstract section. In this section, scholars should present an overview of the entire paper providing a summary of all the sections presented in the project.


Provide a summary of existing literature in the particular niche of study identifying the research gaps.

Rationale of the Project

Under this section the researcher presents a relevance of the research. Under this section, a researcher can showcase the need to fill an existing research gap and the essence of acquired information to the society.

Objectives of the Study

This section outlines the accomplishments that a researcher seeks to achieve by undertaking the research project. Scholars should ensure that set objectives are achievable.

Methodology Section

It presents a description of the methods adopted by a researcher to study a particular topic. The methods include; data collection and data analysis methods. In addition, the section outlines the rationale of the selected methods in accordance to their ability to obtain the information upon which the study can extend. Scholars determine the validity of a study based on the methodology section. Thus, student should be keen to identify the relevant and viable methods upon which they can extend their research.

Results and Finding

Under this section, scholars present the findings of the research with respect to the adopted methodology. This section should not include an interpretation of the results since the interpretation develops in a separate section. Instead, the section should merely state the findings.

Analysis and Discussion

The discussion section provides an interpretation of the research results and their relative meaning to the study. This section is vital since not all readers have the capacity to understand the results presented in the results and findings section. As a result, they rely on this section to determine what the researcher discovered from the study.


The conclusion sections presents a summary of the arguments presented in the capstone project. It further relates the research findings to the objective of the study.


This sections contains a list of references used in the project. References presentation style should align with a referencing format either APA, MLA, HARVAVR or Chicago.

Importance of a Capstone Writing

Being a crucial study element at the end of various study levels, capstone writing has a huge impact on individual grade since they carry a significant portion of credit. In addition, the competence presented in a capstone project determine ones readiness to join the next level of study or ones competence in understanding factors involved within a particular field of study. Employers may determine the competitiveness of a graduate based on their comprehension of matter involved within the business niche. In this regard, the importance of capstone projects extends beyond school performance to increasing competitiveness within the job market.

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In line with the analysis presented above, capstone writing is very essential and thus there is need to ensure high performance and competitiveness in capstone writing. In accordance with this need, it makes sense to hire experts to handle the project on your behalf. We offer a hand whenever a student feels incompetent or lacks the time to undertake their capstone projects. In addition to assuring high grades, we have affordable prices and discounts which are relatable to student financial capacity. Lastly, assigned projects are original and thus student do not have to struggle with plagiarism challenge.

Frequently asked questions

Can I seek help in my capstone project proposal?

Yes. Actually this is the most important element of your capstone writing since it outline the blueprint of the research exercise. Thus, there is need to ensure selection of the most viable research topic and study methodology.

Does a capstone research paper need a thesis statement?

Thesis statement is the core of any research paper. As a result, it is almost mandatory to ensure that you have a thesis statement in your capstone research project.

Is metananalysis a viable methodology for a capstone project?

Yes. Meta-analysis is a study involving the review of a wide range of existing literature. Scholars, can adopt this strategy while undertaking a research involving secondary sources.