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What is Annotated Bibliography Writing?

Annotated Bibliography writing entails a collection of citations to scholarly sources accompanied by the brief descriptive and evaluative paragraph under each citation. This paragraph provides a summary of the literature presented in the particular source. In most cases, tutors demand the evaluation of the credibility of the particular source and the relevance of its information in a particular study.

The critical analysis aspect serves as the distinguishing factor between annotations and abstracts. Abstracts lack the critical analysis sections in that they only present a brief description of what has been featured in a source. Even though, this description outlines annotated bibliography writing as a relatively simple process, it is not necessarily easy since it involves a series of activities that may be daunting to undertake. Below I provide a review of the process involved in writing an annotated bibliography.

Process of Writing an Annotated Bibliography

Writing annotated bibliographies involves a series of activities;

Identifying the Scope of Research

This step can be identified as the most important exercise in annotated bibliography writing since outline the boundaries within which research develops. The quality of an annotated bibliography is highly reliant on the selection of the essential and viable materials for a particular study. Thus, identifying the field of research as an essential exercise upon which one can conduct comprehensive research on a given topic. Basically, identify the scope of research involves understanding the research question; what am I am researching on?

Selecting Sources

Upon familiarizing with the research questions and identifying the scope of research, students should proceed to the selecting sources. Accordingly, students have the responsibility to distinguish between sources making valid judgement on what sources to review and what sources to exclude from the study.

How to determine the viability of a source for use in annotated bibliography writing?

The decision on whether or not to use a source in annotated bibliography writing develops along two key activities; the review of the credibility and the content of the source.

Review of the credibility of a source

Since annotated bibliography involves a review of the credibility of a source, scholars must undertake a credibility review on any source they seek to use in their annotated bibliography writing. The credibility of a source develops alongside the type of the source, the date of publication and the authority of the author to present information on the particular topic. The type of the source is the most basic factor to determine the credibility of a source. Typically, peer review journal and books are considered to be credible sources for scholarly research. However, sources are not limited to journals and books since some topics may demand the review of primary sources such as magazines and legal publications.

Secondly, scholars should review the date of publication of the particular source. Sources published within the last 5 years provide current information and thus are much recommended for scholarly research. The publication period may extend to ten years. Thus, any source whose publication took place more than ten years ago is not considered to be a credible source.

Lastly, credibility is determined based on the author’s authority to present information on a particular topic. This review should include author’s education background, institution affiliation and experience and past literatures. Consequently, acquired information informs the competiveness of the author to present information on the topic of study.

Review of the content presented in a source

The credibility of a source does not necessarily guarantee its usage in annotated bibliography writing. Consequently, students must review the information presented in the source to determine whether the source presents valuable on the research topic. This is a very important factor since selected sources must provide valuable information on the research topic. Also, scholars must ensure that the information presented in the selected sources is evidence-based with a reference section outlining sources of the evidence. This step involve in-depth review of a source. Consequently, students must read the source to identify the argument of the author and the basis upon which the argument is valid.

Owing to the fact annotated bibliography writing involves a number of sources, students might find it challenging to review every single source to determine its validity for use in the assignment. Failure to critically review a source, oversees poor annotation with a relative low score in the assignment. However, research paper writing help hub has the capacity to fill this gap by the offering help to students who might find it challenging to undertake research based assignments. We have a wide range of experts who are competent and eager to offer help anytime. Place an order with us to realize high scores in your assignments.

Identifying the argument of the source

As identified earlier annotated bibliography writing involves a review of the main argument presented in a source. Accordingly, students have the mandate to identify the main the argument presented within a source and further present its summary in the annotated bibliography. Therefore students must read the information presented in a source to identify the main argument of the author. Being a relatively complex exercise students can determine the argument of a source from the introduction and the conclusion. In the introduction, they can identify the author’s thesis statement and further proceed to review the related conclusion. To gain more insight on the author’s argument they can review the topic sentences of various paragraphs.

Annotated Bibliography Writing

Lastly, the actual writing takes place. Annotated bibliography write-ups conform to a particular structure.

How to write Annotated Bibliography

Annotated bibliography writing develops along two key components; citation and annotation.


Citations basically entail referencing of selected sources. Every citation should be done individually followed by its annotation. The citation of sources should conform to one of the common citation formats throughout the annotated bibliography to ensure university. Citation formats include; APA, MLA, Harvard or Chicago. However, instructors often identify the citation format to use in the instructions.  This sections demands adequate familiarity with the various citation formats.


Annotation is a summary of the main argument in a source alongside an analysis of the credibility aspect of the source. However, students make a noteworthy mistake in this section. Most students present a summary of the source other than presenting a brief review of the argument in the source. As a result, they exceed the word count specified in the instructions. Despite this identification, not all annotated bibliography provide a review of argument in a source. Tutors may demand the review of other elements in a source.

Thus, students should be keen to understand the requirements of any particular annotated bibliography assignment. Having adequate comprehension of assignment instruction guarantee a high score since students follow a clear guideline while undertaking their assignments. The annotation for every source must occur below its citation.

Reference List

Lastly, annotated bibliography writing should entail a reference list containing the sources used in the writing exercise.

To gain insight on how to write annotated bibliography students can review annotated bibliography samples.

Final thought

The review of the annotated bibliography writing process confirms that it can be a relatively demanding and daunting task. To relieve students the burden of committing much of their time to research based projects, we have set an online platform from where students can access research paper writing help at an affordable cost. Our writers are in experts in research based assignments and thus we assure quality delivery in assigned projects. Place an order with us to realize high scores in your academics and overcome the burden involved with detailed research. We have the commitment to ensure academic success by submitting quality and original projects within the specified timeline.  

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Annotated Bibliography

What kind of sources should I include in my annotated bibliography?

In selecting sources for annotated bibliography, students should determine the credibility of the source and the relevance of the information featured in the source to the research topic. However, annotated bibliography writing conforms to no referencing limitations.

What sections should I include in annotated bibliography?

Annotated bibliography contain three main sections; citation, annotation and reference page. Citation consists a reference to the source under review. On the other hand, annotation consist a summary of the main argument presented in source alongside an evaluation of the credibility of the source. Lastly, reference section contain a collection of references to the sources reviewed in the annotated bibliography.